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Welcome to Cream of The Crop Dachshunds and Bernese Mountain Dogs!

 I have been breeding for over 19 years, show quality, AKC registered long haired dachshunds.  While Creams have become my specialty and what I am known for, I also breed chocolate and creams, black and creams, black and tans and shaded reds.  I only breed long hairs and do not breed dapple or piebalds. I also do not breed or have dogs that carry dilute.   My creams are true English Creams, having 6 generations from England.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my dogs. I am the original and only Cream of the Crop Dachshunds. Others try to copy, but there is only one original. Now Breeding Bernese Mountain Dogs. AKC.



About English Creams
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