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Love my babies that I was blessed with from the loving home of Cream of the Crop Dachshunds! They came with everything they needed to make the transition to their forever home less stressful for them and their new mommy! They were socialized so there was no problem when introduced to my other fur baby. They are very friendly and have the sweetest personalities. Tucker is just as cuddly and loving as the girls so don’t over look the little boys when you are thinking of adding a fur baby to your family. When you get a puppy from Judy they are bred for personality and temperament. She’s not just a breeder to me! She’s a friend that is just a phone call away to answer any questions or concerns I have about Tucker, Poppi or their big sister Bizzy B!  - Kathy Wynn

We had been looking for a Doxie puppy, for over a year. What a challenge that was. I was surprised by the lack of information most breeders would give. Small things such as, the parents, place of a puppy’s birth, even lack of pictures. By mere chance on an outing, we saw someone holding the cutest Doxie puppy. We asked them were they had gotten this cutie pie. Turns out it was, Cream of the Crop Dachshunds. (10 hours away). I immediately called Judy, I knew in talking to her, we finally found the right breeder. I was so impressed with her knowledge, and breeding program. We picked up Mila a week ago. I can’t say enough about this baby. She’s happy, healthy, and so well adjusted. It’s clear Judy’s hard work, and careful breeding of Dachshunds is why. It’s only been a week, but we couldn’t love her more. Even our Vet was impressed with Mila, and said she’s Angelic. Thank you Judy, for all you do, with love, and care..

-Deborah Shannon-Cohn

My sweet Neville is pure sunshine!! I Am so thankful that I did extensive research and found a breeder who raises the sweetest pups!! He is the most loving and affectionate little guy, and i am so so in love with him. Thank you so much Judy, for my son. My heart and my life is so full with this little man in it. I’ve already sent people this way, when they say they’ve always wanted a dachshund!!

-Ashley Glenn

"Piper: Oh my goodness, she was soooo much more than I expected! She came to me perfectly healthy and with a beautiful coat! Oh, and eyes, to die for!! Mrs. Judy (JuJu) has been amazing! Not only did she love and adore my baby before I got her, but when she delivered her to me, she also sent a bag full of goodies! A blanket, toys, puppy pads, food (wet and dry), and much more! I absolutely know without a doubt that this lady LOVES her babies!!"

                                                               Crystal Duncan

"I just want to Thank Judy Fehl and her Cream Of The Crop Dachshunds💕. I just got my little female Mini, Long haired Dachshund "Emmie" and she is absolutely beautiful and a true blessing to me and my family. Judy raises all her puppies in her home and they are loved on, played with and she even sings to them! They are socialized, happy and healthy little bundles of love. Once you get your puppy from Cream of the Crop (Judy) you become part of her puppy family- how special is that? I Love my "Emmie" and highly recommend this loving and caring breeder to everyone who is looking for a beautiful, healthy and happy Mini Longhaired Dachshund. A good friend of mine also got her puppy from the same litter as mine and they are in love with their little female. I was given the information for Judy's Cream of the Crop and I was very fortunate to have contacted her - I now have my little "Emmie"! One more thing I'd like to add - Judy will always take time to talk to you, keep you updated and even send you weekly pictures. In addition to all puppies come to you with food, pee pee pads, toys, blanket and records. I am extremely happy and IN LOVE with my puppy and am positive that anyone getting a puppy from Judy will be as well. Sincerely, Pamela Ponds."

"Judy Fehl and Cream of the Crop doxies are just simply awesome !! I have waited a year to find the perfect baby and I think Judy knew instantly that my Finn would be a perfect fit. Judy's love and knowledge of Dachshunds is surpassed by none. The love and attention that Judy gives her puppies brings out their full personality, socializing them right from the beginning to make them the perfect addition to any family. I received weekly updates including pictures, ( I think I have one picture from the last breeder I got a puppy from), and a lovely gift bag ( Judy thinks of everything), when Finn came home. I could not be any happier with my Finn. He is just a joy !! I can't thank Judy enough !! " Lori Pearce

"My puppy purchasing experience with Ms. Judy was nothing short of amazing! I found her through facebook right as I was about to give up my searching. We visited about a puppy that I knew that I wanted and right before we made the plans I realized I never asked where she was from. Well, she’s from Florida and I’m from…..TEXAS! Can you imaging making a puppy exchange when putting them on a plane is not an option? From the minute we figured that out, Judy made all kinds of offers to get the little one to me. We pondered meeting in Texas, halfway, and all the many routes in between. I love my dogs but I would have never made such an effort for one if Judy had not been so helpful. I trusted her and knew that for as caring as she already had shown she was, she would be great to do business with from a few states away. As we made a deal on little “Tucker” as we named him, I passed the time until he was ready to come to his new home by receiving text and emails about his progress and pictures regularly! Even though I wasn’t there to visit him during those first few weeks I still felt like I was a part of every minute of it! Judy went out of her way to make sure Tucker was transported and made it safely to me. Right now he is probably wishing he was on a beach somewhere instead of in a West Texas Dirt storm but I sure am glad he is here ;) I was overwhelmed at how much Judy cares for her babies. When Tucker arrived he had a care package of everything he might need and a few extra things to bring his current home together with his new home. Not only did Judy care for Tucker while she raised him, but still while I have him. We had a little accident and I stepped on him and after hysterically crying for a few minutes , I was soon comforted by Judy’s help on the phone! I have enjoyed having someone to talk to and to help me with my little one and knowing someone that raises these little beings because she loves them so much and not just to “sell” them. I would give Ms. Judy & Cream of the Crop Doxies 5 stars and highly recommend her to anyone looking for their next fur baby….no matter the distance! Thank you for everything Judy! "


-Charlsi Allen, & “Tucker” and now…Tex and Trace

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